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At H&H, we feel that bourbon is for everyone…even though they might not know it yet :) 

We offer several signature drinks made with bourbon for the new bourbon drinker to start slowly and we also offer a straight forward approach to bourbon tasting. All bourbons are sold by the ounce with no additional charges for it being Neat or On the Rocks. We are adding to our bourbon selection as often as possible. In addition to our growing bourbon selection, we have a beer and wine selection to include Bud Light, Bud Select, Busch, Mich Ultra, Chelada, Stella Cidre, 312, Shock Top, Pinot Grigo, Cabernet and Riesling. We are adding new items to our list daily so stop in to see what’s new. See you soon....

Try one of our popular signature drinks


Old Fashion

Modern Version – Walkers Cay Bourbon with Modern Platt Old Fashioned Syrup, Luxardo Cherry for Garnish

Traditional – Walkers Cay Bourbon, 1 tsp Water, 1 sugar cube, 3 dashes bitters, orange zest (no muddling here), Luxardo Cherry for garnish

Blackberry Smash

Get ready.... made with fresh muddled blackberry's & mint, fresh lime juice, splash of sprite, Walkers Cay bourbon, sugar cubes and garnished with a lemon


Gold Rush

Walker Cay bourbon, honey, lemon. Shaken vigorously and served with a lemon


Kentucky Mule
Moscow Mule

KM- Walkers Cay bourbon, fresh lime juice, ginger beer

MM- Hopetown lime vodka, fresh lime juice, ginger beer

Dirtiest Martini

Hopetown vodka, olive brine, olives


Hope Town Vodka 

Carrie World - Hope Town Lime Vodka, Cranberry Orange, splash of sprite, fresh lime juice

Our Bourbon List

Jim BeamOld Monroe
Belle Meade
Knob 9
Templeton Rye
Walker Cay House
Penelope 4 grain
Makers 46
Basil Hayden
Whistle Piggy Back
Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve
Chicken Cock
Jefferson reserve
Calument farm
Penelope barrel strength
Penelope toasted
Whistle Pig
Knob 15
Elijah Craig
Michters Rye
*More coming soon! 

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