No Knife Needed :) 


-His or Hers Nachos-
Fresh fried tortilla chips, choice of smoked meats, black olives, jalapenos, sour cream & with white queson cheese
Hers - 12.75 His - $14.75
Spicy fried Battered Pickle Chips $7.75
Battered fried Green Beans $7.75
Battered Sweet Corn Nuggets $7.75
*Comes with our signature southwestern dip


-BBQ Chopped Chicken Salad-
Iceberg Lettuce, Black Beans, Corn, Tortilla bits, Chicken, jicama,  BBQ Ranch Dressing
Side Salad - $3.99
Dinner Salad - 8.99
Add any Premium side to Dinner Salad - $2.99
Sorry, we do not offer any substitute dressings


-Pulled Pork or Pull Chicken-
Smoked, well-seasoned pulled pork sandwich or pulled chicken sandwich. Your choice of sides.
Her 6oz. with 1 side - $11.75
Her 6oz. sandwich only - $10.75
His 8 oz. with 2 sides - $13.75
His 8 oz. sandwich only - $12.75

-Smoked Polish Sausage-
Flavorful polish sausage. Comes in regular flavor OR hot polish. Your choice of 1 side - $9.75
Add a Premium Side - $3.25

-The Sloppy’s-
His Sloppy Pig OR Her Sloppy Bird
Our pulled pork or pulled chicken topped with coleslaw and our mustard-based Carolina sauce. Your choice of 1 side - $12.75
Sloppy Cow (Brisket) and 1 side - $14.75

-Brisket Sandwich-
Smoked, tender, melt in your mouth, sliced brisket sandwich. Your choice of sides.
Her 6 oz. with 1 side - $13.75
Her 6 oz. sandwich, no side - $12.25
His 8 oz. with 2 sides - $15.75
His 8 oz. sandwich, no sides - $14.25

Sampler Sliders Choice of: Pulled Pork, Pulled Chicken and Brisket sliders. Your choice of 2 sides - $13.75

Plate Dinners

-Baby Back Ribs-
Our Famous Slow Smoked Baby Back Ribs over cherry & pecan wood. Your choice of 2 sides.
Her half slab (6-7 bones) - $17.75
His full slab (12-14 bones) - $26.75
Full Slab No sides - $25.75

-Pork Steak Dinner-
Signature St. Louis Style, Bone In Pork Steak Your choice of 2 sides - $15.75
Pork Steak No sides - $14.75

-Whole Smoked Chicken Wings-
6 Wings, your choice of 2 sides - $12.75
8 Wings, your choice of 2 sides - $14.75
10 Wings, your choice of 2 sides - $18.75
No Sides, 6 wings $11.25, 8 wings $13.25, 10 wings $17.25

-Pork Steak Dinner-
Signature St. Louis Style, Bone In Pork Steak
Smoked slow to unbelievable tenderness Your choice of 2 sides - $15.75
Pork Steak No sides - $14.75

-Ultimate Platter-
The best of all barbecue! 3 Bones of Ribs, Half of Pork Steak, and 3oz of Brisket.
Your choice of 2 sides - $21.75

Something Different

-Junk Yard Dog-
Your choice of Beef OR Spicy Polish dog, sliced bacon, smothered with baked beans, topped with pulled pork, fresh cut fries, topped with mild cheddar cheese. Choice of 1 side $12.75

-Baked Spud-
Our spuds are foil wrapped and baked daily
Spuds are topped with butter, our famous
Mac n cheese, pulled pork, coated with our
Special sauce & shredded cheese $6.75

Family Meals

-His and Her Family #1-
Full slab, 1 lb. pulled pork OR pulled chicken OR brisket (add $5.99 per lb), 2 quarts of sides- $63.75

-His and Her Family #2-
Full slab, 2 lbs. of pulled pork OR pulled chicken, OR Brisket (add $5.99 per pound), 1 pork steak and 2 quarts of sides (feeds 6 to 8) - $80.75

Kids Meals

Kids Meal (12 & Under) - $6.75
Choose 2 chicken wings OR 1 slider sandwich OR corndog bites with 1 side, includes kids drink

Kids small Milk, additional - $1.29


-Regular Sides- 
Homemade Mac-N- Cheese
Baked Beans
Spicy Green Beans
Potato Salad
Creamy Coleslaw
Fresh Cut Fries or Fried Okra

Extra sides - $3.25, Quart Sides, feeds 6 to 8 - $11.00

-Premium Sides-
16 oz of side of choice topped 2oz of your choice of chicken, pork or brisket. 
Chicken & Pork - $11.00
Brisket - $13.50


Cherry Delight (similar to a cobbler) $4.99
Banana Pudding - $4.99
Peach cobbler - $4.99
His and Her Double Delicious - $5.99
Add 2 scoops vanilla ice cream - $1.29

BBQ Sauces 

*Traditional Regular Sweet Sauce
*Sweet and Spicy Sauce
*Carolina Mustard Base Sauce
Like The Sauce, Buy 10oz Bottle - $7.50

*Disclaimer- Menu prices are subject to change without notice. 

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